Friday, April 29, 2011

Eli and Emery Enjoy Easter!

It's hard to catch these siblings at a moment when they aren't smiling.
I'd have to say that means mom and dad are doing something right.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things that make me smile : )

Sorry it's a little cut off, but I like it too much to compromise to a smaller size!

Chris and Amanda Wright had their Wedding Photographer go out of business and leave town shortly after their wedding. Without the released copyrights of their photos on cd, their best memories of the day would have been lost forever. Designing and formatting Proof books and Wedding albums takes considerably more time than one would imagine, but I was so happy to help this amazing couple to ensure they recieved the Album and Prints they deserve. So, a half a million thank you's to Mr. & Mrs. Wright for bringing me such a rewarding project : )

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Custom Vue

Hello Dear Readers!

It's an exciting day in Grand Rapids as Vue Couture and Shutterbug Photography are teaming up for a gallery photo shoot to continue to bring high end art to our beautiful city.

Who is Vue Couture?

A one-woman burgeoning empire, Shannon is a Grand Rapids native and Calvin College educated designer. All her work is custom designed and handmade with exceptional detailing. I'll have to get up-close and personal to ensure the photos do her work justice. Her style tends towards the classic and slightly vintage, but her highly involved consultative process sews bits and pieces each bride's personality into her dress. Shannon's fiery, red-headed nature comes to life during her consults. No idea is too grand or inconceivable to try and incorporate into the dress. After all, what bride wants to wear something that has already been seen before?

Will post pictures as soon as possible-
Cannot WAIT for you all to see the impeccable beauty of these dresses of which my words could certainly never do justice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello World,

Baby Boy Conrad here with my adoring mother and daddy.

Mom, Dad, and Jen had lots of laughs putting those duckies on me.
But chicks and ducks are soft and the pictures look pretty good.
And I'm young enough to have no concept of challenging the ones who feed me.

I'm looking forward to see what silly situations they'll put me in for the next shoot!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calling the Class of 2012!

Soon-to-be-Seniors, it's that time of year to start thinking about Senior Portaits.
This year, Shutterbug Photography is running a referral program that can win you either various Apple
merchandise OR a customized proofbook!
Just by booking your session before the end of June you will receive a custom iPad or iPhone cover with your favorite photo from your session.

Are you already a Senior planning your graduation party?
The ShutterBugBooth will be sure to set you apart from the class!
Watch everyone from Grandma and Grandpa, odd Uncle Fred, the kooky cousins, and all your friends let loose with props that always bring a smile.
Seriously, there are mustaches on sticks for you to get your picture taken with. Growing Old doesn't mean you have to Grow Up.

There are no rules at the ShutterBug School.
Your session is all about you. The more you tell me about yourself, the more I can help you make your photo shoot as unique as you. So think outside the box. I love a challenge and I'm not afraid to get down and dirty to get the shots you want.

Can't wait to hear from you : )

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peyton and Landon

On the day of this brother/sister photo shoot, classic vintage felt like the thing to do.
Judging by the results, I'd say that feeling was spot on : )

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wallace Kids and Springtime Sibling Fun!

When you're as cute as these two, there's no need for rivalry-
The world wants each of their unique adorableness

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Said "YES!"

On St. Patty's day 2010 the luck of the Irish was on my side in the form of a diamond. After months of anticipation the infamous question was finally asked, he was finally on bended knee and the proposal was finally made. The setting was Riverside park on a beautiful, sunny day as we walked hand in hand down the path, with the sun lowering in the sky. One minute he was standing next to me the next minute he was on one knee holding up the vintage, princess cut diamond. Of course we all know I said "Yes!"

I would soon be a Mrs. Jennifer Bumstead! The date was set for August 21, 2010. Location for both ceremony & reception is Kent country club. Theme is romantic, classic, and vintage. The coordinators & decorators  would be my favorite wedding planners, Ele3. The bridesmaids would be in J.Crew. The colors, my favorite, Barely Peach, Ivory & Champagne. The flowers, Poppies & Cabbage Roses. The decor, a mix of Luminars and Chandeliers.

With so many questions from friends and family about the details of my big day the most commonly asked question on everyones lips was who I would choose to photograph my wedding....? Good question............better answer, Kai Heeringa Photography. After going to high school with both Kai and his wife / photography assistant Kayley I knew they would be a perfect fit for us in personalities & style. I have followed Kai's work since he started using him as inspiration for many of my own images, so for me the answer was an easy one. After the engagement session I knew I had made the right choice! Here is a look at my engagement session shot downtown shot with both Kai & Kayley by Kai Heeringa Photography.

The phrase "Dream Wedding" doesn't even live up to August 21, 2010
Kai & Kyley's photos captured the magic of our wedding day in a way words can't even begin to describe.
As excited as I am to choose the final photos for our wedding album,
I'm a little scared that I'll end up with a very, very big book : )

Thank you so much Kai Herringer Photography for....absolutely everything

I'm sure you'll all agree that the finished products are amazing: