Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charity Event: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation was making a splash at the Enchantment event Thursday night at Devos. With fascinating decor the room was a glow with an under the sea theme that wowed guests. From coral entry ways, wrecked ships, and oversized clams named "Chowder" to real mermaids, treasure boxes and best of all wishes come true. One wish in particular was the highlight of the night. Rochelle Hernandez of Belmont is 5 years old and is battling with Lukemia at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Rochelle loves dancing, playing outside, and reading but most of all Rochelle loves puppies! So when she was presented with the opportunity to have her wish granted it was no surprise to us that she wanted a puppy, but not just any puppy, she wanted an English Bulldog Puppy to be specific. Rochelle's wish was granted with great anticipation from all who were present as she was surprised with her puppy. Out she waddled dressed in a mermaid outfit, a pudgy, wrinkly, 11 week old english bulldog later named "Tinkerbell." 
Tinkerbell had also struggled in her young life after being rescued from a abusive and neglecting owner, she was one 
of 4 siblings and was the only one to survive. The two were a match made in
heaven and it was love at first sight for Rochelle & Tinkerbell. It warms my heart to know that even know little Rochelle has quiet the battle ahead of her
she will always have Tinkerbell by her side to
 keep her smiling!

To be apart of Make-A-Wish foundations, to help in Granting a wish or to make a donation please visit at

To see this event in pictures visit and go to corporate/event section of my portfolio :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dress

I found this photograph on a posting for a used dress that was for sale on Once and it Fell in love with the image. It made me realize how important it is to make sure that a great and artistic image of the dress is. This is the dress that you dreamed of all your life and imagined his face when he saw you walk down the aisle in it. Photographing the dress is as important as photographing the bride in it.

Wedding Photography 101

Formal Portraits: When & Where

Once you have worked out what pictures are to be taken, the next key questions is when to shoot the photographs, including those of the two of you as bride and groom. There are basically two choices: before the ceremony or after. Almost universally, photographers encourage their clients to have the pictures taken beforehand, which allows the photography to take place at a more relaxed pace in a significantly more subdued atmosphere. ALso, if you are planning an afternoon ceremony, taking pictures early ensures that you will be illuminated b natural daylight, which is preferable to even the best artificial lighting. If you are adhering to the tradition of keeping the future spouses separated, or do not want to see each other before the ceremony, taking any pictures that include the two of you individually with family members and the bridal party before the ceremony can still save time.

The timing of your photography also plays a part in selecting a location: You want a background that will not vary too much when shot at two different times of day. Your photographer can help you figure this out when you tour the location with him or her a few weeks before the event. Time your visits as close as possible to the hour when the photos will be taken to get the best idea of how light & shadows will fall. It also gives you a chance to consider whether your chosen spot is easy enough for guests to walk to  or close enough to a convenient rest room.

Wedding Photography 101

Practice Posing

Because many of your portraits will be full-length, you should rehearse how you'll stand in front of the camera. It's a given that you keep your back straight and your shoulders back. But here's a trick that your mom may not have known ( thought hollywood paparazzi do): Try angling your body 45 degrees away from the camera with your head turned to face it. It gives you a more slender look, if you stand with your body square to the camera and look directly into the lens, it won't be as flattering. To enhance the effect, put on let in front of the other, place your weight on your back foot, and point your front foot forward. There is another way to cheat the lens, especially if you're wearing a sleeveless dress. Don't hold your arms against your side - the flesh tends to spread and will make them look heavier. Hold them slightly away from your body. Of course, the shots of yourself that you love best of all might be the un-posed ones, in which case all you really need to do is smile - and no bride needs to practice doing that.

Wedding Photography 101

Expressing what you want!

To help determine what you want aesthetically, look at the complete album, not just the highlights. Do you prefer candids or staged shots? Does soft-focus photography leave you cold? Be sure that you make your preferences clear, in writing, for this most special of occasions. The photographer will be close by your side throughout the wedding, so comfort and rapport are also of utmost importance. Once you've  selected someone with whom you are comfortable with, provide him of her with a list of just 3 people, in addition to you and your betrothed, to focus on. Flexibility, not a rote checklist, allows a good photographer to capture the spirit of a wedding.

Editing your wedding book should be the easy part - just pick the most beautiful pictures. Focus on creating an album that's entertaining on its own merits, not a rigorous documentation of the proceedings. Many couples are leaning toward smaller albums that are easy to browse through, which are more likely to be kept close at hand. Placing one or two images on each page reduces clutter; resist the urge to overstuff, as doing so diminishes the effect of the best images.

Wedding Photography 101

Picture Perfect

Before you walk down the aisle, you'll no doubt sit for the photographer. Here's how to ensure you bridal portraits are as stunning as our dreams. There's no arguing that when your wedding portraits are taken - typically in those anticipation-filled hours before the ceremony -- you feel a sense of inevitability, as if the mom
ent you've been waiting has finally arrived. These first images do more then document the event; long after your flowers have wilted, they'll remind you of the joy you felt and the beauty you radiated on the day you joined your husband in marriage. And if you're lucky, the portraits taken of you as a bride will be miniature works of art as well as personal mementos, ones that will be saved and treasured for generations to come.

Tip #6 : Bridesmaid Fashion Cards

How not to be a bridezilla? Pick something your bridesmaids really can wear again, then list the details on a handy card. Download this template, type contact info, and print onto card stock. Write in other details, and add fabric swatches and images. Use a rotary cutter with a perforating blade to create a tear-off card that can be tucked into a wallet for easy reference.

Tip # 5: Floaty Butterfly Seat

Paper butterflies alight on rims of champagne glasses, staying just long enough for guests to find their seats.

Tools & Materials:
Spray adhesive
Decorative paper
Card stock

Floaty Butterflies How-to:
{1} Spray-mount paper onto card stock or paper that's colored
 on both sides; fold in half. Place butterfly template on paper with flat edge of butterfly's body flush against fold; trace.

{2} Cut out butterfly along inside of the traced line and cut out V-shaped notch along the folded edge. Open slightly. Slip notch over rim of glass to hold in place.

Tip #4: DIY Wedding Programs

Branch out beyond typical wedding programs by adding a tough of Druid fun and whimsy to them. "What Tree Did You Fall From?," a Celtic version of astrology, is the perfect distraction for those awaiting the Wedding March. Find your birthday and its corresponding tree; see if personality traits listed match yours. If you're an apple tree (December 23 to 31), are you flirtatious, adventurous, always in love? If you're a fir (july 5-14), are you sophisticated, moody, industrious? Let guests read up - and let the conversations bloom. Keep your guests occupied while they wait as well as presenting them with a unique one of a kind program that keeps you on your budget. Templates are downloadable so all you have to do is print them out and put them together!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tip #3: DIY Bouquet Favor Box

I found this DIY tutorial at a blog called A Field Journal which has become a favorite place for me to find inspiration and more fabulous ideas such as these favor boxes! 

Here's what you will need:

{1} Card stock bow cut-out. Download the template here and follow the instructions on the template sheet.
{2} Assortment of paper flowers with wired stems in

 complementary colors, a ranges of sizes works best, 
though all should be towards the small end of the spectrum. 
{4} Skeleton leaves, available at craft stores, in the scrapbooking/paper crafting section
{5} Pin
{6} Strip of plain white paper, several inches wide
{7} Bone folder
{8} Scissors
{9} Length of 3/8" wired ribbon
{10} Glue Stick
{11} Decorative edge punch


{1} Using a bone folder and a ruler score and fold box cut-out (use the printed template as a reference)
{2} Glue tabs to sides starting with the bottom of the box.
{3} If necessary use the bone fold to apply pressure to tabs as the glue adheres and dries.
{4} Gather a small bunch of paper flowers, forming them into a dome-like 
Secure with a small piece of wire (you can trim a piece from one of the stems).
{5} Trim stems to desired length - remember they'll be inserted into the box, so they should be relatively short depending on what you want to put inside the box. Using wired ribbon, wrap stems to completely conceal them.
{6} Fasten ribbon with pin.
{7} Punch along the edges of the strip of plain white paper, and write desired message or name of recipient down the center.
{8} fold top flaps of box as shown.
{9} Insert bouquet into opening in box, and affix the white paper banner using a glue stick.

Tip #2: Handmade Embellished Wedding Invites

I found these beautiful wedding invitations while browsing the web and thought they were so fabulous. They are made in the UK unfortunately but they would be so easy to make and the jewels & ribbon are the perfect way to dress up a handmade invite making in look professionally made but for a third of the price. Any local arts & crafts shop like hobby lobby would provide you with everything you would need to recreate this vintage elegant invite and if you really wanted them to stand out you could buy vintage pins and earrings so that each invite was a little different and special in its own way! And if your not the creative type and  would rather just purchase these you can find them at Imagine Wedding Invitations .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

B.O.B. Tip #1: DIY Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers

For all of you B.O.B.'s
(Brides on a budget) who want to have table settings that will look as fabulous as you with out paying the top dollar or hiring help check out these DIY Tissue Paper flowers perfect for adding color and style to any table, and they are so easy!

Joyous bursts of color dance above a table, imparting a cheerful radiance to a rehearsal dinner or casual reception. The dahlialike pom-poms appear to float in the air; in reality they are hung from the ceiling with monofilament. Echoing the vibrant hanging puffs, pom-pom napkin
rings adorn each place setting!

To find the step-by-step How to guide to making Pom-poms & Napkin Rings, or to find more easy and inexpensive ideas go to

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bridal Show 2009

The affordable way to get what you want.

Saturday, March 28, 9am-2pm
The Casino Club
3260 Salerno Drive, Grand Rapids 49525

Admission is FREE!
Stop by Shutterbug Photography's booth and enter to win a
$150 Shutterbug Gift Certificate
to use towards you wedding photography!

Participating Vendors:
~Shutterbug Photography
~I do! Designs
~Raap Signs
~Adeline Leigh Catering
~A-1 Bingo Supplies
~DJs by Shaun
~The Ritz Salon
~Chateau Chantel
~Wine Shop @ Home
~Premier Jewelry Designs
~Studio K2 Photography
~Music Montage
~Bridal Elegance
~Las Vegas Cheescake Company
~Elite Service Inc.
~Tastefully Simple

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ele3 Events

Ele3 was founded by 3 women with a passion for planning and a  commitment to detail. Mother Daughter team,  Sherri & Jen + Kate Upton psuedo-sister are the faces and the creative minds behind  Ele3 events. There creativity is apparent even in their name, naturally the 3 stems from the fact that there are 3 of them and the letters are a collaboration of the first letters of the 3's middle names: Elizabeth, Lynn, Elizabeth, Pretty clever!  Clever is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing their designs and there coordinating capabilities. Ele3 events is with you from start to finish making them the perfect choice for making your next event everything you've dreamed of! From chair cover rentals, floral design and centerpieces to Pre Event Planning & Day of coordination they will have you covered right down to the last detail. Want to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your special day? Ele 3 is increasingly finding was to reduce their carbon footprint by working side by side with eco-friendly vendors & venues, organic and natural foods, and materials that will be at your fingertips if you so choose! If you are looking for creativity, unique ideas, a fair price, and lovely people that you can trust will do what ever it takes to make your big day everything and more, look no further, the girls at Ele 3 are a perfect match!