Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Save the Date: Special Products and Pricing

Custom Cards:

Custom Design Fee:      $25
Pre Made template as is:     No extra charge

Finish options: Gloss, Matte, Satin, Linen and Pearl
Envelopes include: parchment or white

Flat double sided cards:
4x5.5  Flat           Set of 24   $32/set
4x9    Flat            set of 24   $37/set
*5x5   flat            set of 24   $37/set
5.5x8.5   Flat       set of 24   $37/set
5x7    Flat            set of 24 $37/set
6x9    flat             set of 24   $72/set

Single fold Cards:           
4x5.5  Fold          Set of 24 $51/set
4x9    Fold          set of 24 $63/set
*5x5   fold          set of 24 $63/set
5x7    Fold          set of 24 $63/set

Tabbed single fold Cards:     
4x6    fold/tab     Set of 24 $63/set
*5x5   fold/tab     set of 24 $63/set
5x7    Fold/tab      set of 24 $63/set

Tri-fold cards:              
4x5.5  tri-fold         Set of 24   $76/set
*5x5   tri-fold         set of 24   $76/set

Barndoor Cards:            
4x6    barnboor      set of 24 $63/set
5x7    barndoor      set of 24 $63/set

Boutique Cards

2x3.5 Business Cards (no env.)   Set of 50
       Gloss                   $54/set
       Matte                  $54/set
       Pearl                   $54/set
       Sticker                $57/set

3x3    Business Cards (no env.)   Set of 50
       Gloss                   $54/set
       Matte                  $54/set
       Pearl                   $54/set
       Sticker                $57/set

*5x5   envelopes included      Set of 25
       Gloss                   $59/set
       Matte                  $63/set
       Linen                  $63/set
       Pearl                   $68/set

5x7    envelopes included      Set of 25
       Gloss                   $59/set
       Matte                   $63/set
       Linen                   $63/set
       Pearl                   $68/set

4x8    envelopes included      Set of 25
       Gloss                   $59/set
       Matte                   $63/set
       Linen                   $63/set
       Pearl                   $68/set

5x10      envelopes included      Set of 25
       Gloss                   $73/set
       Matte                   $79/set
       Linen                   $79/set
       Pearl                   $85/set

                                    (* 5x5 cards cost more to mail.)



Lucas' turn in front of the camera!

Sarah's son, Lucas, next door at Chai Boutique came in and got his pictures taken with our Easter winged brood. He's always so much fun to have around the "offices", especially when he's looking to earn a sucker :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Splish Splash *Flash Flash*

Isla and Willow celebrated 6 months of age and the coming of Springtime in their adorable matching outfits:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

VUE Design Bridal Fashion Shoot

Female owned small businesses, like myself, are spreading like wildfire all over the Grand Rapids area in hopes of helping to boost our down economy. In appreciation of these new female entrepreneurs I myself have taken the opportunity to put my experience and talent to work in order to help them grow and succeed by building their portfolios, websites & notoriety with my photography. Recently, I began working side by side with a new up and comer in the bridal fashion industry, Shannon Gales. Once Ethan Allen interior decorator, Shannon and I have been acquaintances for more then 10 years now. We met back in 2001 at A.J. Pinder & Co. Hair Design where I worked as a receptionist for a good decade through high school and college before I launched myself into the photography industry and opened my own studio. Back then she was a single mother of 3 with a big dream and a love for fashion. Now the newly married mom has taken big steps to bring fashion design to Grand Rapids with the opening of her new custom bridal design business VUE Design
Like most women, Shannon has LOVED weddings ever since she was a young girl; the romance and the transformation of the bride truly gets her giddy. Her passion for beautiful fabrics married with lines that enhance individual form fuels her designs. Not only do her dresses have that personal touch each bride is looking for to make them stand out on their wedding day, but she also offers a personalized experience for each bride.  By meeting with them for a one on one consultation, she is able to determine their desires and what design reflects not only their unique personality but their unique figure as well, offering a connection which is both emotional and physical but is essential to the completion of her designs.  She has taken her 5+ years of experience working with people on fulfilling their visions in the interior design industry and applied it to her design process in order to develop a relationship with each of her brides and create not only an amazing, finely crafted dress but also an incredible experience for her clients.
            Inspired by the beauty of change in the Michigan seasons she and I have brought her designs to life in a line up of four photo shoots beginning with the recent shoot at the Calvin College 106 Gallery on Division where we showcased 3 show stopping dresses from her 2011 line. The designs captured on film in this collection are born from her daydreams – apart from the one on one work she does with the individual brides. The VUE Design experience is for those who may want a different kind of process; a readymade couture design that becomes made-to-measure for them.

Monday, May 9, 2011

ABCD- Alphabet, Bubbles, Birthday Cake, Ducks- E: Enjoyment

Harrison had such a great time turning 1 year old that he couldn't stop smiling! (Not that we didn't encourage this with happy things like bubbles, cake, and fuzzy little ducklings.....Either way, I'd say it was a success)